The Memorial Prize

For the year of 2011, the Alexandra Gergely Memorial Prize will consist of 200 000 HUF (cash), a certificate of merit, and a memorial plaque shown in the picture below.

We are looking forward to your nominees!


The 3rd Alexandra Gergely Memorial Prize Ceremony was held on April 17, 2010 in the theater room of Baja.

Mrs. János Tóth was awarded the Alexandra Gergely Memorial Prize this year which was the third prize to be awarded since 2007.

The Awardee lives in city of Győr with her husband and daughter who is mentally  challenged. She used to be the county secretary of an organization supporting mentally disabled people for over a decade -  then became the chairwoman of the local organization.

Besides her job and her household chores, she is also a dedicated activist for people who are simply unable to represent and defend themselves and are in need of help and support every day.

She started her participation in the association /ÉFOÉSZ/ as a parent also affected in the difficulty of having a mentally challenged child. She managed to revive the association and organized engagements for mentally disabled children, youngsters and adults.

The association hold two big events every year:

  • Children's Day and Santa Claus disco. They also make the everyday life of mentally chellanged people a little more exciting by organizing excursions.
  •  She has created the so-called "Parents' Club" through which the parents affected by the same situation may meet monthly.  
  • Three years ago she opened the store selling the products of mentally disabled people in the downtown area of the city of Győr.
  • The uniform disability card was introduced through her active contribution.

Mrs János Tóth is a real "Everyday Hero" , who turns to those in need with an open heart and eyes and in the meantime she takes care of her physically disabled husband and mentally disabled daughter. 

The Alexandra Gergely Memorial Prize once again went to the right person!

The video on the Awardee will soon be available on the webpage!


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